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609.284 Labor or sex trafficking crimes; defenses; civil liability; corporate liability.

Subdivision 1. Consent or age of victim not a defense. In an action under this section the consent or age of the victim is not a defense.

Subd. 2. Civil liability. A labor trafficking victim may bring a cause of action against a person who violates section 609.282 or 609.283. The court may award damages, including punitive damages, reasonable attorney fees, and other litigation costs reasonably incurred by the victim. This remedy is in addition to potential criminal liability.

Subd. 3. Corporate liability. If a corporation or other business enterprise is convicted of violating section 609.282, 609.283, or 609.322, in addition to the criminal penalties described in those sections and other remedies provided elsewhere in law, the court may, when appropriate:

(1) order its dissolution or reorganization;

(2) order the suspension or revocation of any license, permit, or prior approval granted to it by a state agency; or

(3) order the surrender of its charter if it is organized under Minnesota law or the revocation of its certificate to conduct business in Minnesota if it is not organized under Minnesota law.

HIST: 2005 c 136 art 17 s 18

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Revisor of Statutes