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CHAPTER 573. Personal representatives, heirs; actions

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
573.01 Survival of causes.
573.02 Action for death by wrongful act; survival of actions.
573.03 Default judgment; judgment not lien upon real estate.
573.04 Executor's wrong, to whom liable.
573.05 Action by foreign executor.
573.06 Next of kin; liability for debts; contribution.
573.07 Legatees; when liable.
573.08 Costs; judgment, when discharged.
573.09 Heirs and devisees; when liable.
573.10 Apportionment of liability; contribution.
573.11 New parties; issues; apportionment.
573.12 Estate of deceased heirs, when liable.
573.13 Contribution among heirs.
573.14 Priority among debts.
573.15 No preference between debts of same class.
573.16 Defenses; other debts outstanding or paid.
573.17 Real property descended; lien of judgment.
573.18 Personal liability; alienation before suit.
573.19 Heirs and devisees; limit of recovery.
573.20 Devisees, when liable; limitations.
573.21 Devisees; application.

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