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343.11 Acquisition of property, appropriations.

Every county and district society for the prevention of cruelty to animals may acquire, by purchase, gift, grant, or devise, and hold, use, or convey, real estate and personal property, and lease, mortgage, sell, or use the same in any manner conducive to its interest, to the same extent as natural persons. The county board of any county, or the council of any city, in which such societies exist, may, in its discretion, appropriate for the maintenance and support of such societies in the transaction of the work for which they are organized, any sums of money not otherwise appropriated, not to exceed in any one year the sum of $4,800 or the sum of $1 per capita based upon the county's or city's population as of the most recent federal census, whichever is greater; provided, that no part of the appropriation shall be expended for the payment of the salary of any officer of the society.

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