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325F.62 Required shop practices.

Subdivision 1. Return of replaced parts. If a customer makes a request before repairs are commenced, the shop shall return replaced parts to the customer, except parts which the shop is required to return to the manufacturer, distributor, or other person under a warranty or exchange arrangement, is required to retain pursuant to law, or is necessary for pending litigation. The customer shall be given an opportunity to examine warranty or exchange parts for a period of five business days after completion of repairs.

Subd. 2. Record retention, inspection, and copying. When repairs are performed, a shop shall retain for at least one year the name and address of the customer, any written estimates and the repair invoice. The records shall be available for reasonable inspection and copying by law enforcement officials upon reasonable prior notice and during regular business hours. Upon payment to a shop of any reasonable costs of reproduction, a customer shall have the right to a copy of documents retained by the shop reflecting any repair transaction to which the customer was a party.

Subd. 3. Required notice to be displayed. Each shop shall conspicuously display a sign that states the following: "Upon a customer's request, this shop is required to provide a written estimate for repairs costing $100 to $7,500 if the shop agrees to perform the repairs. The shop's final price cannot exceed its written estimate by more than ten percent without the prior authorization of the customer. You must request that the estimate be in writing. An oral estimate is not subject to the above repair cost limitations. If the shop charges a fee for the storage or care of repaired motor vehicles or appliances, the shop shall conspicuously display a sign that states the amount assessed for storage or care, when the charge begins to accrue, and the interval of time between assessments."

HIST: 1978 c 710 s 7; 1988 c 444 s 4; 1996 c 384 s 5

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes