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325E.314 Fees; acquisition and use of list.

(a) A person or entity desiring to make telephone solicitations shall pay a fee, payable to the commissioner, for access to, or for paper or electronic copies of, the list established under section 325E.313. The fee shall not exceed $125 for each acquisition of the list. The fee shall not exceed $90 in fiscal year 2004, and the fee shall not exceed $75 in fiscal year 2005 and thereafter.

(b) A caller who makes a telephone solicitation to the telephone line of any residential subscriber must, at the time of the call, have obtained access to a current version of the list at least once in the 90 days prior to the call. A caller who complies with this requirement is not liable for any violation of section 325E.312 relating to a solicitation made to a subscriber during the first 30 days after the caller first obtained a copy of the list including that subscriber's telephone number that has not been superseded by a later list obtained by the caller that does not include the subscriber's telephone number.

(c) If the Federal Trade Commission establishes a national do-not-call list as described in section 325E.313, subdivision 3, a person or entity who is required by law to obtain a copy of the national list is not required to purchase or retain a copy of the list established by the commissioner, unless the Federal Trade Commission fails to incorporate the Minnesota names transmitted by the commissioner.

HIST: 2002 c 367 s 4