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17B.15 Fees for inspection and weighing; dedicated account.

Subdivision 1. Administration; appropriation. The fees for inspection and weighing shall be fixed by the commissioner and be a lien upon the grain. The commissioner shall set fees for all inspection and weighing in an amount adequate to pay the expenses of carrying out and enforcing the purposes of sections 17B.01 to 17B.22, including the portion of general support costs and statewide indirect costs of the agency attributable to that function, with a reserve sufficient for up to six months. The commissioner shall review the fee schedule twice each year. Fee adjustments are not subject to chapter 14. Payment shall be required for services rendered.

All fees collected and all fines and penalties for violation of any provision of this chapter shall be deposited in the grain inspection and weighing account, which is created in the agricultural fund for carrying out the purpose of sections 17B.01 to 17B.22. The money in the account, including interest earned on the account, is annually appropriated to the commissioner of agriculture to administer the provisions of sections 17B.01 to 17B.22. When money from any other account is used to administer sections 17B.01 to 17B.22, the commissioner shall notify the chairs of the Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources Finance, and Ways and Means Committees of the house of representatives; the Agriculture and Rural Development and Finance Committees of the senate; and the Finance Division of the Environment and Natural Resources Committee of the senate.

Subd. 2. Repealed, 1983 c 300 s 28

Subd. 3. Minimum charge. The schedule of fees shall provide that any elevator, mill, or other business requesting a weighing or inspection service, shall pay a minimum charge per hour for each employee requested or assigned. Any fees earned by the employee shall be credited against the charge made therefor. The minimum charge shall be assessed only after taking into consideration all fees earned and all hours charged. When deemed necessary by the commissioner, a charge for actual overtime costs may be made.

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Revisor of Statutes