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144.122 License, permit, and survey fees.

(a) The state commissioner of health, by rule, may prescribe procedures and fees for filing with the commissioner as prescribed by statute and for the issuance of original and renewal permits, licenses, registrations, and certifications issued under authority of the commissioner. The expiration dates of the various licenses, permits, registrations, and certifications as prescribed by the rules shall be plainly marked thereon. Fees may include application and examination fees and a penalty fee for renewal applications submitted after the expiration date of the previously issued permit, license, registration, and certification. The commissioner may also prescribe, by rule, reduced fees for permits, licenses, registrations, and certifications when the application therefor is submitted during the last three months of the permit, license, registration, or certification period. Fees proposed to be prescribed in the rules shall be first approved by the Department of Finance. All fees proposed to be prescribed in rules shall be reasonable. The fees shall be in an amount so that the total fees collected by the commissioner will, where practical, approximate the cost to the commissioner in administering the program. All fees collected shall be deposited in the state treasury and credited to the state government special revenue fund unless otherwise specifically appropriated by law for specific purposes.

(b) The commissioner may charge a fee for voluntary certification of medical laboratories and environmental laboratories, and for environmental and medical laboratory services provided by the department, without complying with paragraph (a) or chapter 14. Fees charged for environment and medical laboratory services provided by the department must be approximately equal to the costs of providing the services.

(c) The commissioner may develop a schedule of fees for diagnostic evaluations conducted at clinics held by the services for children with handicaps program. All receipts generated by the program are annually appropriated to the commissioner for use in the maternal and child health program.

(d) The commissioner shall set license fees for hospitals and nursing homes that are not boarding care homes at the following levels:

Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare

Organizations (JCAHO)

and American Osteopathic

Association (AOA) hospitals $7,555 plus $13 per bed

Non-JCAHO and non-AOA hospitals $5,180 plus $247 per bed

Nursing home $183 plus $91 per bed

The commissioner shall set license fees for outpatient surgical centers, boarding care homes, and supervised living facilities at the following levels:

Outpatient surgical centers $3,349

Boarding care homes $183 plus $91 per bed

Supervised living facilities $183 plus $91 per bed.

(e) Unless prohibited by federal law, the commissioner of health shall charge applicants the following fees to cover the cost of any initial certification surveys required to determine a provider's eligibility to participate in the Medicare or Medicaid program:

Prospective payment surveys for $ 900 hospitals Swing bed surveys for nursing homes $1,200 Psychiatric hospitals $1,400 Rural health facilities $1,100 Portable x-ray providers $ 500 Home health agencies $1,800 Outpatient therapy agencies $ 800 End stage renal dialysis providers $2,100 Independent therapists $ 800 Comprehensive rehabilitation $1,200 outpatient facilities Hospice providers $1,700 Ambulatory surgical providers $1,800 Hospitals $4,200 Other provider categories or Actual surveyor costs: additional resurveys required average surveyor cost x to complete initial certification number of hours for the survey process.

These fees shall be submitted at the time of the application for federal certification and shall not be refunded. All fees collected after the date that the imposition of fees is not prohibited by federal law shall be deposited in the state treasury and credited to the state government special revenue fund.

(f) The commissioner shall charge the following fees for examinations, registrations, licenses, and inspections:

Plumbing examination $ 50 Water conditioning examination $ 50 Plumbing bond registration fee $ 40 Water conditioning bond registration fee $ 40 Master plumber's license $120 Journeyman plumber's license $ 55 Apprentice registration $ 25 Water conditioning contractor license $ 70 Water conditioning installer license $ 35 Residential inspection fee (each visit) $ 50

Public, commercial, and Inspection fee industrial inspections 25 or fewer drainage fixture units $ 300 26 to 50 drainage fixture units $ 900 51 to 150 drainage fixture units $1,200 151 to 249 drainage fixture units $1,500 250 or more drainage fixture units $1,800 Callback fee (each visit) $ 100

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