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116O.071 Science and technology.

Subdivision 1. Duties. The corporation shall:

(1) prepare and deliver to the legislature every January 15 a science and technology annual report that must contain:

(i) a list of the scientifically and technologically related research and development projects and development activities funded by a grant or loan of state money that provides significant promise for the development of job-creating businesses; and

(ii) an analysis of the efficacy and completeness of a decentralized research peer review process, with special emphasis on whether or not scientifically and technologically related research and development projects in Minnesota have resulted or will result in creating scientifically and technologically related jobs;

(2) keep a current roster of technology intensive businesses in the state;

(3) collect and disseminate information on financial, technical, marketing, management, and other services available to technology intensive small and emerging businesses, including potential sources of debt and equity capital;

(4) review the technological development potential of various regions of the state and cooperate with and make recommendations to the legislature, state agencies, local governments, local technology development agencies, the federal government, private businesses, and individuals for the realization of the development potential; and

(5) sponsor and conduct conferences and studies, collect and disseminate information, and issue periodic reports relating to scientifically and technologically related research and development and education in the state, and represent the state at appropriate interstate and national conferences.

Subd. 2. Peer review plans. A state agency, board, commission, authority, institution, or other entity that allocates state money by a grant, loan, or contract for scientifically and technologically related research shall establish a peer review system to evaluate the research. The corporation shall recommend guidelines for establishing effective peer review. An agency, board, commission, authority, or institution that funds scientifically and technologically related research shall, at least biennially, present to the corporation or to ad hoc committees a review and evaluation of the peer review process used in that organization.

Subd. 3. Authority to perform requested evaluations. The governor, speaker of the house of representatives, house of representatives minority leader, senate majority leader, senate minority leader, chair of the house of representatives Ways and Means Committee, chair of the senate Finance Committee, director, or a member of the legislature considering the introduction or approval of legislation containing funding for scientifically and technologically related research and development may request the corporation to evaluate a loan or grant made or to be made or the proposed legislation for funding scientifically and technologically related research and development to determine (1) whether it complies with the guidelines required by subdivision 1, clause (1), item (ii); (2) whether it is technically feasible; and (3) for development proposals, whether the proposal appears to have the potential for economic development. Ad hoc committees may be appointed by the corporation.

HIST: 1991 c 322 s 5; 2004 c 284 art 2 s 13

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes