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CHAPTER 66A. Mutual companies

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
66A.01 Scope of chapter.


66A.02 Applicability of general corporation statutes.
66A.03 Incorporation.
66A.04 Amendment of certificate or articles of incorporation.
66A.05 Bylaws; adoption; amendment.
66A.06 Renewal of corporate existence.
66A.07 Membership; meetings; notices; voting.
66A.075 Conversion to stock insurance company.


66A.08 Requirements.
66A.09 Kinds of business authorized.
66A.10 Additional requirements.
66A.11 Revocation of license.


66A.12 Mutual fire companies; premiums; contingent liability.
66A.13 Mutual fire companies; requirements when note given.
66A.14 Dividends.
66A.15 Assessments.
66A.16 Guaranty funds.


66A.17 Mutual fire insurance companies; provisions as to policies lapsing.
66A.18 Voting and notice.
66A.19 Contingent liability.


66A.20 Exemption; fire, hail, and tornado associations maintained by members of one religious denomination.
66A.21 Domestic mutual insurance companies, separation of assessable and nonassessable businesses.
66A.22 Organization.
66A.23 Assessments; notice; payments; collection.
66A.24 Officers; duties; compensation; bonds.
66A.25 Proxies; restrictions.
66A.26 Property insurable.
66A.27 Limitation on expenses.
66A.28 Reports; delinquency; powers of commissioner.
66A.29 Arbitration required.
66A.30 Transfer of risks and reinsurance.
66A.31 Merger and consolidation.

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