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CHAPTER 62A. Accident and health insurance

Table of Sections
Section Headnote


62A.01 Requirements; certificates of coverage under policy of accident and sickness insurance.
62A.011 Definitions.
62A.02 Policy forms.
62A.021 Health care policy rates.
62A.023 Notice of rate change.
62A.024 Explanations of rate increases; attribution to statutory changes.
62A.025 [Repealed, 1Sp1985 c 10 s 123]
62A.03 General provisions of policy.
62A.04 Standard provisions.
62A.041 Maternity benefits.
62A.0411 Maternity care.
62A.042 Family coverage; coverage of newborn infants.
62A.043 Dental and podiatric coverage.
62A.044 Payments to governmental institutions.
62A.045 Payments on behalf of enrollees in government health programs.
62A.046 Coordination of benefits.
62A.047 Children's health supervision services and prenatal care services.
62A.048 Dependent coverage.
62A.049 Limitation on preauthorizations; emergencies.
62A.05 Construction of provisions.
62A.06 Statements in application.
62A.07 Rights of insurer, when not waived.
62A.08 Coverage of policy, continuance in force.
62A.081 Payments to facilities operated by state or local government.
62A.09 Limitation.
62A.095 Subrogation clauses regulated.
62A.096 Notice to insurer of subrogation claim required.
62A.10 Group insurance.
62A.105 Coverages; transfers to substantially similar products.
62A.11 Blanket accident and sickness insurance.
62A.12 [Repealed, 1987 c 337 s 131]
62A.13 Commercial traveler insurance companies.
62A.135 Fixed indemnity policies; minimum loss ratios.
62A.136 Dental and vision plan coverage.
62A.14 Handicapped children.
62A.141 Coverage for handicapped dependents.
62A.145 Survivor; definition.
62A.146 Continuation of benefits to survivors.
62A.147 Disabled employees' benefits; definitions.
62A.148 Group insurance; provision of benefits for disabled employees.
62A.149 Benefits for alcoholics and drug dependents.
62A.15 Coverage of certain licensed health professional services.
62A.151 Health insurance benefits for emotionally handicapped children.
62A.152 Benefits for ambulatory mental health services.
62A.153 Outpatient medical and surgical services.
62A.154 Benefits for DES related conditions.
62A.155 Coverage for services provided to ventilator-dependent persons.
62A.16 Scope of certain continuation and conversion requirements.
62A.17 Termination of or layoff from employment; continuation and conversion rights.
62A.18 Prohibition against disability offsets.
62A.19 Prohibition against nondiagnostic x-rays.
62A.20 Continuation coverage of current spouse and children.
62A.21 Continuation and conversion privileges for insured former spouses and children.
62A.22 Refusal to provide coverage because of option under workers' compensation.
62A.23 Group disability income coverage; termination without prejudice; definitions.
62A.24 Continuation of benefits.
62A.25 Reconstructive surgery.
62A.26 Coverage for phenylketonuria treatment.
62A.265 Coverage for Lyme disease.
62A.27 Coverage of adopted children.
62A.28 Coverage for scalp hair prostheses.
62A.285 Prohibited underwriting; breast implants.
62A.29 Surety bond or security for certain health benefit plans.
62A.30 Coverage for diagnostic procedures for cancer.
62A.301 Coverage of full-time students.
62A.302 Coverage of dependents.
62A.303 Prohibition; severing of groups.
62A.304 Coverage for port-wine stain elimination.
62A.305 Fibrocystic condition; termination or reduction of coverage.
62A.306 Use of gender prohibited.
62A.307 Prescription drugs; equal treatment of prescribers.
62A.308 Hospitalization and anesthesia for dental procedures.
62A.309 [Repealed, 2004 c 288 art 7 s 8]
62A.3091 Nondiscriminate coverage of tests.
62A.3092 Equal treatment of surgical first assisting services.
62A.3093 Coverage for diabetes.


62A.31 Medicare supplement benefits; minimum standards.
62A.315 Extended basic Medicare supplement plan; coverage.
62A.316 Basic Medicare supplement plan; coverage.
62A.317 Standards for claims payment.
62A.318 Medicare select policies and certificates.
62A.319 Reporting of multiple policies.
62A.32 [Repealed, 1989 c 258 s 14]
62A.33 [Repealed, 1989 c 258 s 14]
62A.34 [Repealed, 1989 c 258 s 14]
62A.35 [Repealed, 1989 c 258 s 14]
62A.36 Loss ratio standards.
62A.37 Government certifications, approvals, and endorsements.
62A.38 Notice of free examination.
62A.39 Disclosure.
62A.40 Replacement regulated.
62A.41 Penalties.
62A.42 Rulemaking authority.
62A.421 Demonstration projects.
62A.43 Limitations on sales.
62A.436 Commissions.
62A.44 Applications.
62A.45 Renumbered 62A.3093


62A.46 Definitions.
62A.48 Long-term care policies.
62A.49 Home care services coverage.
62A.50 Disclosures and representations.
62A.52 Review of plan of care.
62A.54 Prohibited practices.
62A.56 Rulemaking.


62A.60 Retroactive denial of expenses.


62A.61 Disclosure of methods used by health carriers to determine usual and customary fees.
62A.615 Preexisting conditions disclosed at time of application.


62A.616 Coverage for nursing home care for terminally ill and other services.



62A.62 Demonstration project.


62A.63 Definitions.
62A.64 Health insurance; prohibited agreements.


62A.65 Individual market regulation.
62A.651 [Repealed, 2000 c 483 s 55]
62A.66 [Expired, 1992 c 549 art 5 s 21]
62A.661 MS 2002 Expired, 2002 c 378 s1

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Revisor of Statutes