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CHAPTER 500. Estates in real property

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
500.01 Division as to quantity.
500.02 Estates of inheritance.
500.03 Effect of conveyance to grantee in fee tail.
500.04 Conveyance by owner of fee tail estate.
500.05 Division of realty or personalty.
500.06 Division as to time.
500.07 Estates in possession.
500.08 Estates in expectancy.
500.09 Reversions.
500.10 Future estate; statutory remainders.
500.11 Future estates; inclusiveness.
500.12 Future estates; contingent.
500.13 [Repealed, 1987 c 60 s 6; 1988 c 482 s 10; 1989 c 340 art 1 s 77]
500.14 Future estates construed; validity; creating instruments.
500.15 Future estates; protection from destructibility rules.
500.16 Expectant estates: descendible, devisable, alienable.
500.17 Future estates; rents and profits.
500.18 Commencement of expectant estates.
500.19 Division.
500.20 Defeasible estates.
500.21 Application to ground lease.
500.221 Restrictions on acquisition of title.
500.222 Exempt acreage in land exchange.


500.23 [Repealed, 1973 c 427 s 2]
500.24 Farming by business organizations.
500.245 Right of first refusal for agricultural land.
500.25 Rights of farm tenants on termination of life estates.
500.30 Solar or wind easements.

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