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32.415 Milk for manufacturing; quality standards.

(a) The commissioner may adopt rules to provide uniform quality standards, and producers of milk used for manufacturing purposes shall conform to the standards contained in Subparts B, C, D, E, and F of the United States Department of Agriculture Consumer and Marketing Service Recommended Requirements for Milk for Manufacturing Purposes and its Production and Processing, as revised through June 17, 2002, except that the commissioner shall develop methods by which producers can comply with the standards without violation of religious beliefs.

(b) The commissioner shall perform or contract for the performance of the inspections necessary to implement this section or shall certify dairy industry personnel to perform the inspections.

(c) The commissioner and other employees of the department shall make every reasonable effort to assist producers in achieving the milk quality standards at minimum cost and to use the experience and expertise of the University of Minnesota and the Agricultural Extension Service to assist producers in achieving the milk quality standards in the most cost-effective manner.

(d) The commissioner shall consult with producers, processors, and others involved in the dairy industry in order to prepare for the implementation of this section including development of informational and educational materials, meetings, and other methods of informing producers about the implementation of standards under this section.

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