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CHAPTER 308A. Cooperatives

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
308A.001 Citation.
308A.005 Definitions.


308A.011 Use of term cooperative restricted.
308A.015 Reservation of right.
308A.021 Filing fee.
308A.025 Registered office.
308A.031 [Repealed, 2000 c 379 s 3]


308A.101 Organizational purpose.
308A.105 Incorporators.
308A.121 Cooperative name.
308A.125 Stock and nonstock organization.
308A.131 Articles of incorporation.
308A.135 Amendment of articles.
308A.141 Amendment of articles to be governed by this chapter.
308A.145 Amendment of articles to incorporate defectively organized cooperative.
308A.151 Amendment of articles to renew expired corporate existence.
308A.155 Corporate existence.
308A.161 [Repealed, 2000 c 379 s 3]
308A.165 Bylaws.


308A.201 Powers.
308A.205 Agricultural marketing contracts.
308A.210 Telecommunication services purchasing cooperatives.


308A.301 Board governs cooperative.
308A.305 Number of directors.
308A.311 Election of directors.
308A.313 Apportionment of directors among districts or units.
308A.315 Filling vacancies.
308A.321 Removal of directors.
308A.325 Limitation of director's liability.
308A.327 Electric cooperative; board meetings.


308A.401 Officers.


308A.501 Capital stock.
308A.503 Health care cooperative members.
308A.505 Subject to securities law.


308A.601 Grouping of members.
308A.605 Member and stockholder violations.
308A.611 Regular members' meetings.
308A.615 Special members' meetings.
308A.621 Certification of mailed meeting notice.
308A.625 Failure to receive meeting notice.
308A.631 Quorum.
308A.635 Member voting rights.
308A.641 Voting in cooperatives constituted entirely or partially of other cooperatives or associations.
308A.645 Vote of corporate stock held by cooperative.


308A.701 Reserves.
308A.705 Distribution of income.
308A.711 Distribution of unclaimed property.


308A.801 Merger and consolidation.


308A.901 Liquidation.
308A.905 Methods of dissolution.
308A.911 Voluntary dissolution by members.
308A.915 Winding up.
308A.921 Revocation of dissolution proceedings.
308A.925 Statute of limitations.
308A.931 Articles of dissolution.
308A.935 Application for court-supervised voluntary dissolution.
308A.941 Court-ordered remedies or dissolution.
308A.945 Procedure in involuntary or court-supervised voluntary dissolution.
308A.951 Receiver qualifications and powers.
308A.955 Dissolution action by attorney general.
308A.961 Filing claims in court-supervised dissolution proceedings.
308A.965 Discontinuance of court-supervised dissolution proceedings.
308A.971 Court-supervised dissolution order.
308A.975 Filing court's dissolution order.
308A.981 Barring of claims.
308A.985 Right to sue or defend after dissolution.
308A.995 Periodic registration.

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