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205A.08 Ballots.

Subdivision 1. Buff ballot. The names of all candidates for offices to be voted on at a school district general election must be placed on a single ballot printed on buff paper and known as the "buff ballot."

Subd. 2. Primary ballots. The school district primary ballot must conform as far as practicable with the school district general election ballot except that no blank spaces may be provided for writing in the names of candidates.

Subd. 3. Vacancies. The names of candidates to fill vacancies at a school district special election held in conjunction with the primary or general election must be placed on the school district primary and general election ballots. The names of candidates to fill a vacancy in the office of school board member in a school district must be listed under the separate heading "Special election for school board member to fill vacancy in term expiring ........," with the date of expiration of the term and any other information necessary to distinguish the office.

Subd. 4. Goldenrod ballots; questions. All questions relating to a proposition for the issuance of bonds, and all other questions relating to school district affairs submitted at an election to the voters of the school district, shall be printed on one separate goldenrod ballot and shall be prepared, printed, and distributed under the direction of the school district clerk at the same time and in the same manner as other school district ballots. The ballots, when voted, shall be deposited in a separate goldenrod ballot box provided by the local authorities for each voting precinct. The ballots shall be canvassed, counted, and returned in the same manner as other school district ballots. The returns shall provide appropriate blank spaces for the counting, canvassing, and return of the results of the questions submitted on the goldenrod ballot.

Subd. 5. Form of ballot. The ballots for school district elections must be prepared by the school district clerk in the manner provided in the rules of the secretary of state.

HIST: 1987 c 266 art 1 s 55; 1997 c 147 s 46

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Revisor of Statutes