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CHAPTER 169A. Driving while impaired

Table of Sections
Section Headnote


169A.01 Citation; application.
169A.03 Definitions.
169A.05 Parenthetical references.
169A.07 First-time DWI violator; off-road vehicle or boat.
169A.09 Determining qualified prior DWI incidents.
169A.095 Determining number of aggravating factors.


169A.20 Driving while impaired.
169A.24 First-degree driving while impaired.
169A.25 Second-degree driving while impaired.
169A.26 Third-degree driving while impaired.
169A.27 Fourth-degree driving while impaired.
169A.275 Mandatory penalties; nonfelony violations.
169A.276 Mandatory penalties; felony violations.
169A.277 Long-term monitoring.
169A.28 Consecutive sentences.
169A.283 Stay of execution of sentence.
169A.284 Chemical dependency assessment charge; surcharge.
169A.285 Penalty assessment.
169A.31 Alcohol-related school bus or Head Start bus driving.
169A.33 Underage drinking and driving.
169A.35 Open bottle law.
169A.37 License plate impoundment violation crimes.


169A.40 Arrest powers.
169A.41 Preliminary screening test.
169A.42 Vehicle impoundment under ordinance; redemption.
169A.43 Prosecutorial responsibility; venue; criminal history.
169A.44 Conditional release.
169A.45 Evidence.
169A.46 Affirmative defenses.
169A.47 Notice of enhanced penalty.
169A.48 Immunity from liability.


169A.50 Citation.
169A.51 Chemical tests for intoxication.
169A.52 Test refusal or failure; license revocation.
169A.53 Administrative and judicial review of license revocation.
169A.54 DWI convictions, adjudications; administrative penalties.
169A.55 License revocation termination; license reinstatement.
169A.60 Administrative impoundment of plates.
169A.63 Vehicle forfeiture.


169A.70 Alcohol safety programs; chemical use assessments.
169A.71 Research programs.
169A.72 Driver education programs.
169A.73 Remote electronic alcohol-monitoring program.
169A.74 Pilot programs of intensive probation.
169A.75 Impaired driving-related rules.
169A.76 Civil action; punitive damages.
169A.78 Aiding and abetting.

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Revisor of Statutes