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CHAPTER 158. University of minnesota hospitals

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
158.01 Establishment.
158.02 What patients may be treated; research work.
158.03 Officers to report cases needing hospital care.
158.04 Transportation of patients; payment for by county.
158.05 Actual cost to be charged patients.
158.06 Physicians and attendants not to charge for services.
158.07 Quarterly report by Board of Regents; payment.
158.08 Expenses paid by counties.
158.09 County board may act upon applications for treatment in the University of Minnesota hospitals.
158.091 County board may delegate certain powers to the local social services agency.
158.10 Discharge from hospitals.
158.11 Inmates of state institutions may be admitted.
158.12 Cooperation with other hospitals.
158.13 Psychopathic Department of University of Minnesota Hospitals.
158.14 Duties of department.
158.15 Shall be part of University of Minnesota Hospitals.
158.16 Board of Regents to appoint medical director.
158.17 Duties of medical director.
158.18 Who may be sent to department.
158.19 Discharge; transfer.