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154.11 Examination of nonresident barbers and instructors of barbering; temporary apprentice permits.

Subdivision 1. Examination of nonresidents. A person who meets all of the requirements for barber registration in sections 154.01 to 154.26 and either has a license, certificate of registration, or an equivalent as a practicing barber or instructor of barbering from another state or country which in the discretion of the board has substantially the same requirements for registering barbers and instructors of barbering as required by sections 154.01 to 154.26 or can prove by sworn affidavits practice as a barber or instructor of barbering in another state or country for at least five years immediately prior to making application in this state, shall, upon payment of the required fee, be issued a certificate of registration without examination, provided that the other state or country grants the same privileges to holders of Minnesota certificates of registration.

Subd. 2. Temporary apprentice permits for nonresidents. Any person who qualifies for examination as a registered barber under this section may apply for a temporary apprentice permit which is effective no longer than six months. All persons holding a temporary apprentice permit are subject to all provisions of sections 154.01 to 154.26 and the rules adopted by the board under those sections concerning the conduct and obligations of registered apprentices.

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