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CHAPTER 145A. Local public health boards

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
145A.01 Citation.
145A.02 Definitions.


145A.03 Establishment and organization.
145A.04 Powers and duties of board of health.
145A.05 Local ordinances.
145A.06 Commissioner; powers and duties relative to boards of health.
145A.07 Delegation of powers and duties.
145A.08 Assessment of costs; tax levy authorized.


145A.09 Purpose; formation; eligibility; withdrawal.
145A.10 Powers and duties of community health boards.
145A.11 Powers and duties of city and county relative to local public health grant.
145A.12 Powers and duties of commissioner relative to local public health grant.
145A.13 MS 2003 Supp Expired
145A.131 Local public health grant.
145A.14 Special grants.
145A.15 MS 2002 Expired
145A.16 MS 2002 Expired
145A.17 Family home visiting programs.