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116O.04 Corporate personnel.

Subdivision 1. Generally. The board shall appoint and set the compensation for a president, who serves as chief executive officer of the corporation, and who may appoint subordinate officers. The president's salary may not exceed 95 percent of the governor's salary. The board may designate the president as its general agent. Subject to the control of the board, the president shall employ employees, consultants, and agents the president considers necessary. The staff of the corporation must include individuals knowledgeable in commercial and industrial financing, energy conservation, research and development, economic development, and general fiscal affairs. The board shall define the duties and designate the titles of the employees and agents.

Subd. 2. Status of employees. (a) Employees, officers, and directors of the corporation and programs governed by this chapter are not state employees, but are covered by section 3.736 and, at the option of the board, may participate in the state retirement plan and the state deferred compensation plan for employees in the unclassified service and an insurance plan administered by the commissioner of employee relations.

(b) The board of Minnesota Project Innovation, Inc., may extend the health care insurance benefits and coverage referenced in paragraph (a) to all of its employees.

Subd. 3. Contributions to public officials; disclosure. The president shall file a statement with the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board disclosing the nature, amount, date, and recipient of any contribution made to a public official which:

(1) was made within the four years preceding employment with the Minnesota Technology, Inc. board; and

(2) was subject to the reporting requirements of chapter 10A.

The statement must be updated annually during the president's employment to reflect contributions made to public officials during the president's tenure.

Subd. 4. Personnel policies. (a) The corporation must adopt and periodically revise, if necessary, an affirmative action plan similar to the affirmative action plan under section 43A.19, subdivision 1. The corporation is subject to the audit and reporting requirements under section 43A.191, subdivision 3.

(b) Employees of the corporation are subject to the prohibition of political activities and required leave of absences under section 43A.32.

(c) Employees of the corporation are subject to the code of ethics requirements under section 43A.38.

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