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CHAPTER 116A. Public water and sewer systems

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
116A.01 Powers of county boards and of district courts.
116A.02 Petition.
116A.03 Petitioners' bond.
116A.04 Insufficient bond; expenses not to exceed penalty of bond.
116A.05 Dismissal of proceedings.
116A.06 Engineer.
116A.07 Preliminary survey and report.
116A.08 Preliminary hearing.
116A.09 Order for detailed survey.
116A.10 Engineer's survey and examination.
116A.11 Viewers; appointment; qualification.
116A.12 Second hearing.
116A.13 Letting contract.
116A.14 Procedure when contract not let.
116A.15 Contract and bond.
116A.16 Apportionment of cost.
116A.17 Assessment procedure and final hearing.
116A.18 Supplemental assessments; reassessment.
116A.19 Appeals.
116A.20 Bond issues.
116A.21 Emergency certificates of indebtedness.
116A.22 Service charges; a special assessment against benefited property.
116A.23 Authority to accept gifts and grants.
116A.24 Appointment and powers of water and sewer commission.
116A.25 Property exempt from taxation.
116A.26 Pollution Control Agency.

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