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84.925 Education and training program.

Subdivision 1. Program established. (a) The commissioner shall establish a comprehensive all-terrain vehicle environmental and safety education and training program, including the preparation and dissemination of vehicle information and safety advice to the public, the training of all-terrain vehicle operators, and the issuance of all-terrain vehicle safety certificates to vehicle operators over the age of 12 years who successfully complete the all-terrain vehicle environmental and safety education and training course.

(b) For the purpose of administering the program and to defray a portion of the expenses of training and certifying vehicle operators, the commissioner shall collect a fee of $15 from each person who receives the training. Fee proceeds shall be deposited in the all-terrain vehicle account in the natural resources fund.

(c) The commissioner shall cooperate with private organizations and associations, private and public corporations, and local governmental units in furtherance of the program established under this section. School districts may cooperate with the commissioner and volunteer instructors to provide space for the classroom portion of the training. The commissioner shall consult with the commissioner of public safety in regard to training program subject matter and performance testing that leads to the certification of vehicle operators. By June 30, 2003, the commissioner shall incorporate a riding component in the safety education and training program.

Subd. 2. Repealed, 1989 c 331 s 26

Subd. 3. All-terrain vehicle safety courses; reciprocity with other states. The commissioner may enter into reciprocity agreements or otherwise certify all-terrain vehicle environmental and safety education and training courses from other states that are substantially similar to in-state courses. Proof of completion of a course subject to a reciprocity agreement or certified as substantially similar is adequate to meet the safety certificate requirements of sections 84.92 to 84.929.

HIST: 1984 c 647 s 4; 1986 c 444; 1986 c 452 s 11; 2000 c 495 s 5; 1Sp2001 c 2 s 80; 2003 c 28 art 1 s 8

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