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349.15 Use of gross profits.

Subdivision 1. Expenditure restrictions. Gross profits from lawful gambling may be expended only for lawful purposes or allowable expenses as authorized by the membership of the conducting organization at a monthly meeting of the organization's membership. Provided that no more than 70 percent of the gross profit less the tax imposed under section 297E.02, subdivision 1, from bingo, and no more than 55 percent of the gross profit from other forms of lawful gambling, may be expended for allowable expenses related to lawful gambling.

Subd. 1a. Disaster relief. An organization may expend net profits from lawful gambling to relieve the effects of a disaster as defined in section 12.03, subdivision 2, without the prior approval of its membership if:

(1) the contribution is a lawful purpose under section 349.12, subdivision 25;

(2) the contribution is authorized by the organization's chief executive officer and gambling manager; and

(3) the contribution is approved by the membership of the organization at its next regularly scheduled monthly meeting.

If the contribution is not approved by the membership of the organization at its next regularly scheduled monthly meeting, the organization shall reimburse its gambling account in the amount of the contribution.

Subd. 2. Cash shortages. In computing gross profit to determine maximum amounts which may be expended for allowable expenses under subdivision 1, an organization may not reduce its gross receipts by any cash shortages. An organization may report cash shortages to the board only as an allowable expense. An organization may not report cash shortages in any reporting period that in total exceed the following percentages of the organization's gross receipts from lawful gambling for that period: until August 1, 1995, four-tenths of one percent; and on and after August 1, 1995, three-tenths of one percent.

Subd. 3. Refunds and credits. For purposes of this section "gross profit" does not include any refund or credit received under section 297E.02, subdivision 4, paragraph (d).

Subd. 4. Alternative premises payment. An organization eligible to expend gross profits on real estate taxes and assessments under section 349.12, subdivision 25, paragraph (a), clause (9), may in the alternative, elect on a calendar year basis to pay itself up to $1,000 per month for the use of its premises for lawful gambling. Any payments made under this subdivision shall be considered an allowable expense.

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