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287.12 Taxes, how apportioned.

(a) All taxes paid to the county treasurer under the provisions of sections 287.01 to 287.12 must be apportioned, 97 percent to the general fund of the state, and three percent to the county revenue fund.

(b) On or before the 20th day of each month the county treasurer shall determine and pay to the commissioner of revenue for deposit in the state treasury and credit to the general fund the state's portion of the receipts from the mortgage registry tax during the preceding month subject to the electronic payment requirements of section 270.771. The county treasurer shall provide any related reports requested by the commissioner of revenue.

(c) Counties must remit the state's portion of the June receipts collected through June 25 and the estimated state's portion of the receipts to be collected during the remainder of the month to the commissioner of revenue two business days before June 30 of each year. The remaining amount of the June receipts is due on August 20.

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