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13.462 Benefit data.

Subdivision 1. Definition. As used in this section, "benefit data" means data on individuals collected or created because an individual seeks information about becoming, is, or was an applicant for or a recipient of benefits or services provided under various housing, home ownership, rehabilitation and community action agency, Head Start, and food assistance programs administered by state agencies, political subdivisions, or statewide systems. Benefit data does not include welfare data which shall be administered in accordance with section 13.46.

Subd. 2. Public data. The names and addresses of applicants for and recipients of benefits, aid, or assistance through programs administered by any political subdivision, state agency, or statewide system that are intended to assist with the purchase, rehabilitation, or other purposes related to housing or other real property are classified as public data on individuals. If an applicant or recipient is a corporation, the names and addresses of the officers of the corporation are public data on individuals. If an applicant or recipient is a partnership, the names and addresses of the partners are public data on individuals. The amount or value of benefits, aid, or assistance received is public data.

Subd. 3. Private data. Unless otherwise provided by law, all other benefit data are private data on individuals, and shall not be disclosed except pursuant to court order or to an agent of the state agency, political subdivision, or statewide system, including appropriate law enforcement personnel, who are acting in an investigation or prosecution of a criminal or civil proceeding relating to the administration of a program described in subdivision 1.

HIST: 1981 c 311 s 29,39; 1982 c 545 s 24; 1984 c 436 s 12,13; 1995 c 259 art 1 s 5; 1999 c 227 s 22; 2003 c 128 art 15 s 1

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