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122A.414 Alternative teacher compensation.

Subdivision 1. Restructured pay system. A restructured teacher compensation system is established under subdivision 2 to provide incentives for teachers to improve their knowledge and skills and for school districts to recruit and retain highly qualified teachers, and to support teachers' roles in improving students' educational achievement.

Subd. 2. Alternative teacher professional pay system. (a) To participate in this program, a school district must have an educational improvement plan as described in section 122A.413 and an alternative teacher professional pay system as described in paragraph (b).

(b) The alternative teacher professional pay system must:

(1) describe the conditions necessary for career advancement and additional compensation;

(2) provide career advancement options for teachers retaining primary roles in student instruction;

(3) use a professional pay system that replaces the step and lane salary schedule and is not based on years of service;

(4) encourage teachers' continuous improvement in content knowledge, pedagogy, and use of best practices; and

(5) implement an objective evaluation system, including classroom observation, that is aligned with the district's or the site's educational improvement plan as described in section 122A.413.

Subd. 3. Report. Participating districts and school sites must report on the implementation and effectiveness of the alternative teacher compensation plan, particularly addressing each requirement under subdivision 2 and make biennial recommendations by January 1 to their school boards. The school boards shall transmit a summary of the findings and recommendations of their district to the commissioner.

HIST: 1Sp2001 c 6 art 2 s 54; 1Sp2003 c 9 art 2 s 8