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CHAPTER 82B. Real estate appraisers

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
82B.02 Definitions.
82B.03 Prohibitions.
82B.035 Exemption.
82B.04 Responsibility for agents.
82B.05 Real estate appraiser advisory board.
82B.06 Powers of the board.
82B.07 Powers of the commissioner.
82B.08 Licensing requirements.
82B.09 Fees.
82B.10 Examinations.
82B.11 Classes of license.
82B.12 Examination requirement.
82B.13 Education prerequisites.
82B.14 Experience requirement.
82B.15 Nonresident service of process.
82B.16 Principal place of business and notice.
82B.17 License designation.
82B.18 Use of term.
82B.19 Continuing education.
82B.20 Prohibited practices.
82B.201 Criminal penalty.
82B.21 Classification of services.
82B.22 Contingent fees.
82B.221 Transition period provisions.
82B.225 [Repealed, 1989 c 341 art 1 s 26; 1991 c 97 s 17; 1992 c 363 art 1 s 6]
82B.23 Federal certification.

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Revisor of Statutes