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CHAPTER 80A. Regulation of securities

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
80A.01 Sales and purchases.
80A.02 Prohibited activities.
80A.03 Unlawful activities.
80A.04 Licensing requirement.
80A.041 Exemption.
80A.05 Licensing procedure.
80A.06 Postlicensing provisions.
80A.07 Denial, suspension, and revocation of licenses.
80A.08 Registration requirement.
80A.09 Registration by notification.
80A.10 Registration by coordination.
80A.11 Registration by qualification.
80A.115 Small corporate offering registration.
80A.12 Provisions applicable to registration generally.
80A.122 Federal covered securities.
80A.125 Prohibition; nonrecourse loans.
80A.13 Denial, suspension and revocation of registration.
80A.14 Definitions.
80A.15 Exemptions.
80A.16 Filing of sales and advertising literature.
80A.17 Misleading filings.
80A.18 Unlawful representations concerning registration or exemption.
80A.19 Administration.
80A.20 [Repealed, 1987 c 336 s 47]
80A.21 [Repealed, 1987 c 336 s 47]
80A.22 Criminal penalty.
80A.23 Civil liabilities.
80A.24 Hearings and judicial review.
80A.25 Rules, forms and orders.
80A.26 Administrative files and opinions.
80A.27 Scope of sections 80A.01 to 80A.31 and service of process.
80A.28 Fees and expenses.
80A.29 Sale of liquor warehouse receipts is sale of securities.
80A.30 Registration of oil or gas lands or interest before sale.
80A.31 Statutory policy.

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Revisor of Statutes