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356.47 Disposition of amount in excess of reemployed annuitant earnings limitations.

Subdivision 1. Application. This section applies to the balance of annual retirement annuities on the amount of retirement annuity reductions after reemployed annuitant earnings limitations for retirement plans governed by section 352.115, subdivision 10; 353.37; 354.44, subdivision 5; or 354A.31, subdivision 3.

Subd. 2. Record keeping; reporting. The chief administrative officer of each retirement plan shall keep records for each reemployed annuitant of the amount of the annuity reduction. This amount must be reported to each member at least once each year.

Subd. 3. Payment. (a) Upon the retired member attaining the age of 65 years or upon the first day of the month next following the month occurring one year after the termination of the reemployment that gave rise to the limitation, whichever is later, and the filing of a written application, the retired member is entitled to the payment, in a lump sum, of the value of the person's amount under subdivision 2, plus interest at the compound annual rate of six percent from the date that the amount was deducted from the retirement annuity to the date of payment.

(b) The written application must be on a form prescribed by the chief administrative officer of the applicable retirement plan.

(c) If the retired member dies before the payment provided for in paragraph (a) is made, the amount is payable, upon written application, to the deceased person's surviving spouse, or if none, to the deceased person's designated beneficiary, or if none, to the deceased person's estate.

HIST: 2002 c 392 art 11 s 37

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