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16A.133 Credit union, parking, other deductions.

Subdivision 1. Payroll direct deposit and deductions. An agency head in the executive, judicial, and legislative branch shall, upon written request signed by an employee, directly deposit all or part of an employee's pay in any credit union or financial institution, as defined in section 47.015, designated by the employee. An agency head may, upon written request of an employee, deduct from the pay of the employee a requested amount to be paid to the Minnesota benefit association, or to any organization contemplated by section 179A.06, of which the employee is a member, or to a company that has contracted to insure the employee for the medical costs of cancer or intensive care. If an employee is a member of or has accounts with more than one credit union or financial institution or more than one organization under section 179A.06, or is insured by more than one company, only one credit union or financial institution may be paid money by direct deposit, and one credit union, one organization, and one company may be paid money by payroll deduction from the employee's pay.

Subd. 2. Parking, and the like. With the written consent of an employee, an agency head shall deduct from the employee's pay the amount needed to pay for services or facilities supplied under law to the employee by the state. Food and housing, garage and parking facilities, and other facilities and services may be paid for in this way.

Subd. 3. Repealed, 1989 c 335 art 1 s 270

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