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CHAPTER 149A. Mortuary science; disposition of dead bodies

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
149A.01 Purpose and scope.
149A.02 Definitions.
149A.03 Duties of commissioner.
149A.04 Enforcement.
149A.05 Correction orders.
149A.06 Administrative penalty orders.
149A.07 Injunctive relief.
149A.08 Cease and desist order.
149A.09 Denial; refusal to reissue; revocation; suspension; limitation of license or permit.
149A.10 Additional remedies.
149A.11 Publication of disciplinary actions.
149A.20 License to practice mortuary science.
149A.30 Reciprocal licensing.
149A.40 Renewal of license to practice mortuary science.
149A.45 Emeritus registration for mortuary science practitioners.
149A.50 License to operate a funeral establishment.
149A.51 Renewal of license to operate a funeral establishment.
149A.52 License to operate a crematory.
149A.53 Renewal of license to operate crematory.
149A.60 Prohibited conduct.
149A.61 Complaints; reporting obligations; form; response.
149A.62 Immunity; reporting.
149A.63 Professional cooperation.
149A.70 Business practices.
149A.71 Funeral industry practices; price disclosures.
149A.72 Funeral industry practices; misrepresentations.
149A.73 Funeral industry practices; required purchase of funeral goods, funeral services, burial site goods, or burial site services.
149A.74 Funeral industry practices; services provided without prior approval.
149A.745 Funeral industry practices; prohibition on preinterment of outer burial containers.
149A.75 Funeral industry practices; retention of documents.
149A.76 Funeral industry practices; comprehension of disclosures.
149A.80 Death; right to control and duty of disposition.
149A.81 Anatomical gifts.
149A.90 Death; registration and removal from place of death.
149A.91 Preparation of body.
149A.92 Preparation and embalming room.
149A.93 Transportation of dead human bodies.
149A.94 Final disposition.
149A.95 Crematories and cremation.
149A.96 Disinterment and reinterment.
149A.97 Preneed arrangements.

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes