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148.211 Licensing.

Subdivision 1. Licensure by examination. An applicant for a license to practice as a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse shall apply to the board for a license by examination on forms prescribed by the board and pay a fee in an amount determined by rule. An applicant applying for reexamination shall pay a fee in an amount determined by rule. In no case may fees be refunded.

Before being scheduled for examination, the applicant shall provide written evidence verified by oath that the applicant (1) has not engaged in conduct warranting disciplinary action as set forth in section 148.261; (2) meets secondary education requirements as determined by the board and other preliminary qualification requirements the board may prescribe by rule; and (3) has completed a course of study in a nursing program approved by the board, another United States nursing board, or a Canadian province. An applicant who graduates from a nursing program in another country, except Canada, must also successfully complete the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools Qualifying Examination. The nursing program must be approved for the preparation of applicants for the type of license for which the application has been submitted.

The applicant must pass a written examination in the subjects the board may determine. Written examination includes both paper and pencil examinations and examinations administered with a computer and related technology. Each written examination may be supplemented by an oral or practical examination. An applicant failing to pass the examination may apply for reexamination.

Upon submission by the applicant of an affidavit of graduation or transcript from an approved nursing program as well as proof that the applicant has passed the examination, paid the required fees, and met all other requirements stated in this subdivision, the board shall issue a license to the applicant. The board may issue a license with conditions and limitations if it considers it necessary to protect the public.

Subd. 2. Licensure by endorsement. The board shall issue a license to practice professional nursing or practical nursing without examination to an applicant who has been duly licensed or registered as a nurse under the laws of another state, territory, or country, if in the opinion of the board the applicant has the qualifications equivalent to the qualifications required in this state as stated in subdivision 1, all other laws not inconsistent with this section, and rules promulgated by the board.

Subd. 2a. License recognition for nurses from border states; reciprocity. (a) A license to practice professional or practical nursing issued by Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Wisconsin (border state) to a resident in that state must be recognized by the board as authorizing a licensure privilege to practice professional or practical nursing in Minnesota, if:

(1) the licensure standards in the state licensed are substantially the same as Minnesota licensure standards;

(2) the border state has not taken adverse action against the nurse license;

(3) the nurse is not participating in an alternative or diversion program; or

(4) the nurse has not been refused a license to practice nursing in Minnesota.

(b) Within ten days of employment by a hospital, clinic, prepaid medical plan, or other health care institution or organization located in this state, a nurse who practices professional or practical nursing in Minnesota under the authority of a licensure privilege as provided in this subdivision shall report the employment to the board on a form provided by the board. The board shall maintain a list of the nurses practicing in Minnesota under this subdivision.

(c) A nurse who practices professional or practical nursing in Minnesota under the authority of a licensure privilege as provided in this subdivision has the same obligations as if the nurse was licensed in Minnesota and is subject to the laws and rules of Minnesota and the regulatory authority of the board, including taking all forms of disciplinary action provided for in section 148.262, subdivision 1, and corrective action provided for in section 214.103, subdivision 6, against an individual's licensure privilege based on the grounds listed in section 148.261, subdivision 1, any other statute authorizing or requiring the board to take corrective or disciplinary action, and issuing a cease and desist order to limit or revoke a nurse's authority to practice in Minnesota. The board is authorized to recover from a nurse practicing professional or practical nursing in Minnesota under this subdivision the cost of proceedings as provided in section 148.262, subdivision 4. The board shall promptly report any such actions to the border state licensing board.

(d) The board shall seek reciprocity of nurse licensure with Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Lack of reciprocity does not limit the board's recognition of nurse licenses from border states.

Subd. 3. Repealed, 1976 c 222 s 209

Subd. 4. Education waived. A person who has been licensed as a licensed practical nurse in another state, who has passed a licensing examination acceptable to the board, and who has had 24 months of experience as a licensed practical nurse in the five years prior to applying for a license is not required to meet any additional educational requirements.

Subd. 5. Denial of license. Refusal of an applicant to supply information necessary to determine the applicant's qualifications, failure to demonstrate qualifications, or failure to satisfy the requirements for a license contained in this section or rules of the board may result in denial of a license. The burden of proof is upon the applicant to demonstrate the qualifications and satisfaction of the requirements.

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