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CHAPTER 501B. Trusts

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
501B.01 Purposes for which express trusts may be created.
501B.02 Passive trusts abolished.
501B.03 Termination of trust purposes.
501B.04 Reversion in grantor.
501B.05 Bona fide purchasers protected.
501B.06 Misapplication of payment to trustee.
501B.07 Purchase money resulting trusts.
501B.08 Appointment of and acquisition of title by successor trustees and confirmation of acts performed during vacancies in trusteeship.
501B.09 Suspension of the power of alienation.
501B.10 [Repealed, 1996 c 314 s 8]
501B.11 [Repealed, 1996 c 314 s 8]
501B.12 Grantor and agents of grantor.
501B.13 Nonmerger of trusts.
501B.14 Prohibition against exercise of powers by trustee.
501B.15 Division and merger of trusts.
501B.151 Investment and management of trust assets.
501B.152 Agents of trustee.
501B.16 Petition for court order.
501B.17 Venue.
501B.18 Order for hearing.
501B.19 Representation of persons who are unborn, unascertained, unknown, or minors or incapacitated persons.
501B.20 Holder of a general power.
501B.21 Order and appeal.
501B.22 Confirmation of appointment of trustee.
501B.23 Inventory; annual account; continuing court supervision.
501B.24 Jurisdiction.
501B.25 Application.
501B.31 Charitable trusts.
501B.32 Private foundations; charitable trusts; split-interest trusts.
501B.33 Citation.
501B.34 Charitable trusts; supervision by attorney general.
501B.35 Definitions.
501B.36 Registration and reporting.
501B.37 Register of trusts and trustees.
501B.38 Information filing.
501B.39 Public inspection of records.
501B.40 Investigatory powers of the attorney general; custodians to furnish copies of records.
501B.41 Breach of trust; proceedings to secure compliance.
501B.42 Contrary provisions of instrument invalid.
501B.43 Cost of investigations and proceedings; registration and filing fees.
501B.44 Immunity of charitable trusts.
501B.45 Sale of banks owned by charitable trusts.
501B.46 Petition for court order to sell, mortgage, or lease real property held in trust.
501B.47 Petition by owner of present or future interest for court order to sell, mortgage, or lease interests in real property.
501B.48 When petition may be granted.
501B.49 Notice of hearing.
501B.50 Representation of persons who are unborn, unascertained, unknown, or minors or incapacitated persons.
501B.51 Order upon petition; execution of transaction.
501B.52 Report of agreement for confirmation.
501B.53 Order of confirmation; contents and subsequent procedures; distribution of assets.
501B.54 Legal effect of deed, mortgage, or lease made under section 501B.53.
501B.55 Date of creation of interests affected by the procedures in sections 501B.46 to 501B.54.
501B.56 Certificate of trust.
501B.57 Affidavit of trustee in real property transactions.
501B.59 Definitions.
501B.60 Duty of trustee as to receipts and expenditure.
501B.61 Income; principal; charges.
501B.62 When right to income arises; apportionment of income.
501B.63 Income earned during administration of a decedent's estate.
501B.64 Entity distributions.
501B.65 Bond premium and discount.
501B.66 [Repealed, 2001 c 15 s 14]
501B.665 Sole proprietorships.
501B.67 Disposition of natural resources.
501B.68 Timber.
501B.69 Annuities, qualified and nonqualified employee compensation, retirement plans and other property subject to depletion.
501B.70 [Repealed, 2001 c 15 s 14]
501B.705 Trustee's power to adjust.
501B.71 Charges against income and principal.
501B.72 Nontrust estates.
501B.73 Application.
501B.74 Ascertainment of income or principal.
501B.75 Uniformity of interpretation.
501B.76 Short title.
501B.79 Trustee defined.
501B.80 Incorporation by reference.
501B.81 Enumerated powers of trustee.
501B.82 Citation.
501B.86 Disclaimer of interests passing by deed, assignment, under certain nontestamentary instruments, or under certain powers of appointment.
501B.87 Trusts forming part of retirement plans for participating members.
501B.88 Trusts not affected.
501B.89 Trust provisions linked to public assistance eligibility; supplemental needs trusts.
501B.90 Effect of dissolution of marriage.

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