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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

326.38 Local regulations.

Any city having a system of waterworks or sewerage, or any town in which reside over 5,000 people exclusive of any statutory cities located therein, or the metropolitan airports commission, may, by ordinance, adopt local regulations providing for plumbing permits, bonds, approval of plans, and inspections of plumbing, which regulations are not in conflict with the plumbing standards on the same subject prescribed by the state commissioner of health. No city or such town shall prohibit plumbers licensed by the state commissioner of health from engaging in or working at the business, except cities and statutory cities which, prior to April 21, 1933, by ordinance required the licensing of plumbers. Any city by ordinance may prescribe regulations, reasonable standards, and inspections and grant permits to any person, firm, or corporation engaged in the business of installing water softeners, who is not licensed as a master plumber or journeyman plumber by the state commissioner of health, to connect water softening and water filtering equipment to private residence water distribution systems, where provision has been previously made therefor and openings left for that purpose or by use of cold water connections to a domestic water heater; where it is not necessary to rearrange, make any extension or alteration of, or addition to any pipe, fixture or plumbing connected with the water system except to connect the water softener, and provided the connections so made comply with minimum standards prescribed by the state commissioner of health.

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