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275.61 Voter approved levy; market value; net tax capacity conversion.

Subdivision 1. Market value. For local governmental subdivisions other than school districts, any levy, including the issuance of debt obligations payable in whole or in part from property taxes, required to be approved and approved by the voters at a general or special election for taxes payable in 1993 and thereafter, shall be levied against the referendum market value of all taxable property within the governmental subdivision, as defined in section 126C.01, subdivision 3. Any levy amount subject to the requirements of this section shall be certified separately to the county auditor under section 275.07.

The ballot shall state the maximum amount of the increased levy as a percentage of market value and the amount that will be raised by the new referendum tax rate in the first year it is to be levied.

Subd. 2. Conversion to net tax capacity. Any referendum levy approved under subdivision 1 prior to January 1, 2001, may be converted from a referendum market value basis to a net tax capacity basis, provided that the proportion of the jurisdiction's referendum market value exempted under section 126C.01, subdivision 3, is at least ten percent for property taxes payable in 2001. A jurisdiction choosing to exercise the option to convert the referendum tax to a net tax capacity basis must notify the county auditor of its intent prior to October 1, 2001. A decision to convert a referendum levy under this subdivision shall be a permanent change affecting all future years. The option to convert a levy under this subdivision shall cease after October 1, 2001.

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