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CHAPTER 16E. Office of technology

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
16E.01 Office of technology.
16E.02 Office of technology structure and personnel.
16E.03 Administration of state information and communications systems.
16E.035 Technology inventory.
16E.04 Information and communications technology policy.
16E.0465 Technology approval.
16E.05 Government information access.
16E.055 Common Web format.
16E.06 Data privacy.
16E.07 North Star.
16E.08 [Repealed, 1Sp2001 c 10 art 2 s 102]
16E.09 Technology enterprise fund.
16E.11 [Repealed, 1999 c 250 art 1 s 115]
16E.12 [Repealed, 1999 c 250 art 1 s 115]
16E.13 [Repealed, 1999 c 250 art 1 s 115]

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Revisor of Statutes