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CHAPTER 103C. Soil and water conservation districts

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
103C.001 Effect of chapter 103C on Water Law.
103C.005 Soil and water conservation policy.
103C.009 Citation.
103C.101 Definitions.
103C.201 Formation of soil and water conservation districts.
103C.205 Annexing additional area.
103C.211 Consolidation and division of districts.
103C.215 Change of name.
103C.221 Change of location of principal office.
103C.225 Discontinuance of districts.
103C.231 Cooperation between districts and other public agencies.
103C.235 State agencies to cooperate.
103C.301 Initial election of supervisors.
103C.305 General election of supervisors.
103C.311 Formation of supervisor districts.
103C.315 Supervisors.
103C.321 Officers and employees.
103C.325 Records, audit, information to state board.
103C.331 Powers of district boards.
103C.335 Technical and administrative assistance to districts.
103C.401 Board of water and soil resources.
103C.405 Program plan.
103C.501 Cost-sharing contracts for erosion control and water management.
103C.601 Works of improvement.
103C.605 County determination of project.
103C.611 Project without assessments.
103C.615 Action on project with assessments.
103C.621 Project bonds.
103C.625 Status of discontinued project.
103C.631 Repair.
103C.635 Appeals.