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CHAPTER 103A. Water policy and information

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
103A.001 Effect of chapter 103A on Water Law.
103A.201 Regulatory policy.
103A.202 Wetland policy.
103A.203 Hydropower policy.
103A.204 Groundwater policy.
103A.205 Conservation policy for rainwater.
103A.206 Soil and water conservation policy.
103A.207 Floodplain management policy.
103A.208 Scenic river protection policy.
103A.209 Marginal, erodible land retirement policy.
103A.211 Water Law policy.
103A.301 Definitions.
103A.305 Jurisdiction.
103A.311 Petition for intervention.
103A.315 Court referrals.
103A.321 Petition abates proceeding until board acts.
103A.325 Board decision to intervene.
103A.331 Hearing, determination.
103A.335 Consent, notice and procedure.
103A.341 Findings by board.
103A.401 Statewide water information system.
103A.403 Statewide nitrate data.
103A.405 Director's approval for federal water data agreements.
103A.411 Pumping test and data acquisition training programs.
103A.43 Water assessments and reports.