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CHAPTER 60A. General insurance powers

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
60A.01 Scope.
60A.02 Definitions.
60A.03 Commissioner of commerce.
60A.031 Examinations.
60A.032 Commissioner's orders, report.
60A.04 [Repealed, 1969 c 708 s 62]
60A.05 [Repealed, 1992 c 564 art 3 s 30]
60A.051 [Repealed, 1992 c 564 art 3 s 30]
60A.052 Certificates of authority; enforcement actions.
60A.053 Holocaust victims insurance relief.
60A.06 Kinds of insurance permitted.
60A.07 Authorization and requirements.
60A.075 Mutual company conversion to stock company.
60A.076 [Repealed, 1991 c 325 art 4 s 10]
60A.077 Mutual insurance holding companies.
60A.08 Contracts of insurance.
60A.081 Aircraft insurance.
60A.082 Group insurance; benefits continued if insurer changed.
60A.084 Notification on group policies.
60A.085 Cancellation of group coverage; notification to covered persons.
60A.086 Retroactive termination of coverage under group policies prohibited.
60A.09 Limits of risk; reinsurance.
60A.091 Definition; qualified United States financial institution.
60A.092 Reinsurance credit allowed a domestic ceding insurer.
60A.093 Reduction from liability for reinsurance ceded by a domestic insurer; collateral requirements.
60A.094 Rules.
60A.095 Reinsurance agreements affected.
60A.096 Qualifying letter of credit.
60A.097 Qualifying trust agreements.
60A.10 Deposits for protection of policyholders.
60A.101 [Repealed, 1988 c 674 s 22]
60A.11 Investments permitted for domestic companies.
60A.111 Qualified assets to required liabilities; ratio.
60A.112 Investment policy required.
60A.12 Assets and liabilities.
60A.121 Valuations; definitions.
60A.122 Required written procedures for valuations.
60A.123 Valuation procedure.
60A.124 Independent audit.
60A.125 Appraisal by independent appraiser.
60A.126 Reports to board; valuations.
60A.127 Independent appraisals of certain properties.
60A.128 [Repealed, 2000 c 350 s 16]
60A.1285 Other impairments.
60A.129 Loss reserve certification and annual audit.
60A.13 Annual statement, inquiries, renewal licenses.
60A.131 Other business and insurance interests, disclosure.
60A.135 Report; certain transactions.
60A.136 Acquisitions and dispositions of assets.
60A.137 Nonrenewals, cancellations, or revisions of ceded reinsurance agreements.
60A.14 Fees.
60A.15 [Repealed, 2000 c 394 art 2 s 28]
60A.151 [Repealed, 1989 c 324 s 29]
60A.152 [Repealed, 2000 c 394 art 2 s 28]
60A.16 Mergers and consolidations.
60A.161 Insurer domestication and conversion.
60A.1701 Renumbered 60K.19
60A.171 Rehabilitation and cancellation of independent agent contracts by insurance companies.
60A.172 Insurance agency contracts; cancellation.
60A.173 Effective date.
60A.174 Severability.
60A.175 Agent commissions.
60A.176 Definitions.
60A.177 Involuntary termination of an agent by the insurer.
60A.178 Life or health insurance sales quotas.
60A.179 Life or health insurance sales quotas for exclusive agents.
60A.18 Sale by vending machines; scope and requirements.
60A.19 Foreign companies.
60A.195 Citation.
60A.196 Definitions.
60A.197 Rates and forms.
60A.198 Transaction of surplus lines insurance.
60A.199 Examinations; payment of taxes.
60A.20 [Repealed, 1981 c 221 s 15]
60A.201 Placement of insurance by licensee.
60A.202 Evidence of placement of insurance by licensee.
60A.203 Retention of records.
60A.204 Additional charges and fees.
60A.205 Compensation.
60A.206 Qualification as eligible surplus lines insurer.
60A.207 Policies to include notice.
60A.208 Licensee association.
60A.209 Insurance procured from ineligible insurers.
60A.2095 Construction.
60A.21 Unauthorized Insurers Process Act.
60A.22 Special provisions as to stock companies; stockholders, officers, directors and investors.
60A.23 Miscellaneous.
60A.235 Standards for determining whether contracts are health plan contracts or stop loss contracts.
60A.236 Stop loss regulation; small employer coverage.
60A.24 Exemptions from insurance laws of this state.
60A.25 Insolvent companies.
60A.26 Suspension of insurers; notifications and reports.
60A.27 Discipline of insurer by another state; notice to commissioner.
60A.28 Documents filed with commissioner, verification.
60A.29 Nonprofit Risk Indemnification Trust Act.
60A.30 Renumbered 60A.351
60A.31 Renumbered 60A.352
60A.32 Rate filing for crop hail insurance.
60A.35 Scope.
60A.351 Renewal of insurance policy with altered rates.
60A.352 Worker's compensation insurance.
60A.36 Midterm cancellation.
60A.37 Nonrenewal.
60A.38 Interpretation and penalties.
60A.40 [Repealed, 1996 c 446 art 1 s 72; 1998 c 339 s 72]
60A.41 Subrogation against insureds prohibited.
60A.60 Definitions.
60A.61 Risk-based capital reports.
60A.62 Company action level event.
60A.63 Regulatory action level event.
60A.64 Authorized control level event.
60A.65 Mandatory control level event.
60A.66 Hearings.
60A.67 Confidentiality.
60A.68 Supplemental provisions; rules; exemption.
60A.69 Foreign insurers.
60A.695 Immunity.
60A.696 Notices.
60A.70 Title.
60A.705 Definitions.
60A.71 Licensure.
60A.715 Required contract provisions; reinsurance intermediary-brokers.
60A.72 Books and records; reinsurance intermediary-brokers.
60A.725 Duties of insurers utilizing the services of a reinsurance intermediary-broker.
60A.73 Required contract provisions; reinsurance intermediary-managers.
60A.735 Prohibited acts.
60A.74 Duties of reinsurer utilizing the services of a reinsurance intermediary-manager.
60A.745 Examination authority; reinsurance intermediary - broker.
60A.75 Violations.
60A.755 Scope.
60A.756 Rules.
60A.80 [Repealed, 1994 c 426 s 14]
60A.801 [Repealed, 1994 c 426 s 14]
60A.802 [Repealed, 1994 c 426 s 14]
60A.803 Life and health reinsurance agreements.
60A.90 Scope.
60A.91 Filing requirements.
60A.92 Immunity.
60A.93 Confidentiality.
60A.94 Revocation of certificate of authority.
60A.951 Definitions.
60A.952 Disclosure of information.
60A.953 Enforcement.
60A.954 Insurance antifraud plan.
60A.955 Claim forms to contain fraud warning.
60A.961 Definitions.
60A.962 License requirements.
60A.963 Service of process; nonresident licensing.
60A.964 Fees.
60A.965 License revocation.
60A.966 Approval of viatical settlements contract forms.
60A.967 Reporting requirements.
60A.968 Examination.
60A.969 Disclosure.
60A.970 General requirements.
60A.971 Standards for evaluation of reasonable payments.
60A.972 Viatical settlement brokers.
60A.973 Advertising standards.
60A.974 Unfair trade practices.

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