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CHAPTER 428A. Special service districts; housing improvement areas

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
428A.01 Special service district procedures; definitions.
428A.02 Establishment of special service district.
428A.03 Service charge authority; notice and hearing requirements.
428A.04 Enlargement of special service districts.
428A.05 Collection of service charges.
428A.06 Bonds.
428A.07 Advisory board.
428A.08 Petition required.
428A.09 Veto power of owners.
428A.10 Exclusion from petition requirements and veto power.
428A.101 Special service district; sunset of self-executing provisions.
428A.11 Housing improvement areas; definitions.
428A.12 Petition required.
428A.13 Establishment of housing improvement area.
428A.14 Improvement fees authority; notice and hearing.
428A.15 Collection of fees.
428A.16 Bonds.
428A.17 Advisory board.
428A.18 Veto powers.
428A.19 Annual reports.
428A.20 Special assessments.
428A.21 Sunset.

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