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CHAPTER 383B. Hennepin county

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
383B.021 Compensation.
383B.025 Reorganization of county offices.
383B.031 Vacancies on board.
383B.035 Special election expenses.
383B.041 Campaign financing, disclosure of economic interests.
383B.042 Definitions.
383B.043 Political committees; county and certain other elections.
383B.044 Political funds.
383B.045 Principal campaign committee.
383B.046 Registration of political committees and political funds.
383B.047 Accounts which must be kept.
383B.048 Campaign reports.
383B.049 Expenditures by individuals.
383B.05 Additional information to be disclosed.
383B.051 Circumvention prohibited.
383B.052 Economic reprisals prohibited.
383B.053 Economic interest disclosure.
383B.054 Reports and statements; requirements.
383B.055 Duties of campaign finance and public disclosure board; filing officers.
383B.056 Penalties.
383B.057 Prosecution of violations.
383B.058 Local ordinances and charters superseded.
383B.061 Legislative research committee.
383B.063 Fort Snelling precinct.
383B.101 County administrator's office; establishment.
383B.102 Powers and duties.
383B.103 Compensation; removal.
383B.111 Budget and financial administration.
383B.112 Annual budget.
383B.113 Long-range capital program.
383B.114 Appropriations and tax levy.
383B.115 Amendments.
383B.116 Payment procedures and accounting.
383B.1161 Electronic approvals.
383B.1162 Credit cards.
383B.117 Certificates of indebtedness.
383B.118 Fees.
383B.119 Financial statements and audits.
383B.121 Adult corrections facility.
383B.122 Superintendent.
383B.123 Rules.
383B.124 Work release program.
383B.125 Manufacture of goods.
383B.126 Private industry on grounds of corrections facility.
383B.127 Diminution of sentence.
383B.128 Inmate maintenance costs.
383B.129 Inmates from other jurisdictions.
383B.141 Authorization.
383B.142 Procedure.
383B.143 Contracts for purchases.
383B.144 Prequalification.
383B.145 Competitive bidding.
383B.146 Purchases consistent with law.
383B.147 Vendor discounts.
383B.148 Rules and regulations.
383B.149 Purchases or contracts forbidden.
383B.15 Bonds.
383B.151 Financial interest forbidden.
383B.152 Building and maintenance fund.
383B.153 Contingent account.
383B.155 Self-insurance.
383B.157 [Repealed, 1979 c 55 s 3]
383B.159 Real property leases.
383B.20 Parking facilities.
383B.203 Certification of tax lists.
383B.205 Special assessments; certification fee.
383B.207 Special assessments; computation of interest.
383B.211 Authorization.
383B.213 Powers and duties.
383B.215 Additional authority.
383B.217 Medical center.
383B.218 Bonding authority; Hennepin county medical building.
383B.219 Ambulatory health centers and clinics.
383B.221 Emergency medical service.
383B.223 Food service.
383B.225 Medical examiner.
383B.227 [Repealed, 1996 c 310 s 1]
383B.229 Existing health service programs not affected.
383B.233 [Repealed, 1996 c 310 s 1]
383B.235 Resource recovery facilities.
383B.237 Library system.
383B.239 Board.
383B.241 Director.
383B.243 Per diems.
383B.245 Library levy.
383B.247 Merger.
383B.251 License bureau.
383B.255 Public safety communications.
383B.257 Mobile equipment division.
383B.259 Pistol range.
383B.26 Human resources system; purpose.
383B.27 Definition of terms.
383B.28 Human resources board.
383B.29 Duties of human resources board.
383B.30 Director; selection.
383B.31 Duties of human resources director.
383B.32 Unclassified and classified service.
383B.33 Tenure.
383B.34 Classification of employees.
383B.35 [Repealed, 2000 c 416 s 11]
383B.36 Party to litigation.
383B.37 Influence of applicants.
383B.38 Removals, suspensions, and demotions.
383B.39 Veterans to be given preferential rating.
383B.40 [Repealed, 1994 c 596 s 13]
383B.41 Discrimination.
383B.42 Appropriation of funds.
383B.45 Salaries.
383B.453 Bond of county recorder deputy.
383B.455 Legal officers' salaries.
383B.457 Officers' salaries.
383B.46 Supplemental retirement account.
383B.47 Participation in Minnesota supplemental investment fund.
383B.48 Purchase of shares in Minnesota supplemental investment fund.
383B.49 Supplemental retirement benefits; redemption of shares.
383B.493 Withdrawal from participation.
383B.50 Prospectus.
383B.51 No assignment or garnishment.
383B.52 Administration costs.
383B.56 Ambulances.
383B.562 Government center; liquor.
383B.565 Plats and surveys; approval.
383B.60 Special load permits; seasonal permits for contractors; fees.
383B.603 Highway maps.
383B.606 Seasonal load limits.
383B.608 Local road aid.
383B.611 Probation and investigation department, creation.
383B.612 Director of court services; other employees.
383B.613 Duties of department.
383B.614 Offices; powers; records.
383B.63 Public Defender.
383B.65 Lease authorization.
383B.68 Regional park district; commissioners.
383B.69 [Repealed, 1996 c 310 s 1]
383B.70 Regional park district; library board; compensation of commissioners and members.
383B.702 Depositories.
383B.703 District renaming.
383B.71 Trail system.
383B.72 Land acquisition; town consent.
383B.73 Park district tax levy.
383B.74 Boundaries.
383B.75 Municipal building commission.
383B.751 Care and control of building.
383B.752 Expenses; warrants.
383B.753 Exclusive control.
383B.754 Budget date.
383B.77 Hennepin county housing and redevelopment authority.
383B.78 Bathing beaches.
383B.79 Multijurisdictional program.
383B.80 Hennepin county deed and mortgage tax.
383B.81 Environmental response fund.
383B.99 Laws not applicable.

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Revisor of Statutes