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273.37 Companies supplying electric power.

Subdivision 1. Personal property of electric light and power companies, and other individuals and partnerships supplying electric light and power, having a fixed situs outside of the corporate limits of cities shall be listed and assessed in the district where situated, except as otherwise provided.

Subd. 2. Transmission lines of less than 69 kv, transmission lines of 69 kv and above located in an unorganized township, and distribution lines, and equipment attached thereto, having a fixed situs outside the corporate limits of cities except distribution lines taxed as provided in sections 273.40 and 273.41, shall be listed with and assessed by the commissioner of revenue in the county where situated. The commissioner shall assess such property at the percentage of market value fixed by law; and, on or before June 30, shall certify to the auditor of each county in which such property is located the amount of the assessment made against each company and person owning such property.

Subd. 3. Taxable wind energy conversion systems, as defined in section 216C.06, subdivision 12, which are not owned, operated, and exclusively controlled by the owner of the land upon which the system is situated, must be listed and assessed by the commissioner of revenue as personal property in the name of the owner of the system in the taxing district where it is situated.

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