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169A.277 Long-term monitoring.

Subdivision 1. Applicability. This section applies to a person convicted of:

(1) a violation of section 169A.20 (driving while impaired) within ten years of the first of two or more prior impaired driving convictions;

(2) a violation of section 169A.20, if the person is under the age of 19 years and has previously been convicted of violating section 169A.20 or Minnesota Statutes 1998, section 169.121 (driver under the influence of alcohol or controlled substance); or

(3) a violation of section 169A.20, while the person's driver's license or driving privileges have been canceled under section 171.04, subdivision 1, clause (10) (persons not eligible for drivers' licenses, inimical to public safety).

Subd. 2. Monitoring required. When the court sentences a person described in subdivision 1 to a stayed sentence and when electronic monitoring equipment is available to the court, the court shall require that the person participate in a program of electronic alcohol monitoring in addition to any other conditions of probation or jail time it imposes. During the first one-third of the person's probationary term, the electronic alcohol monitoring must be continuous and involve measurements of the person's alcohol concentration at least three times a day. During the remainder of the person's probationary term, the electronic alcohol monitoring may be intermittent, as determined by the court.

Subd. 3. Reimbursement. The court shall require partial or total reimbursement from the person for the cost of the electronic alcohol monitoring, to the extent the person is able to pay.

HIST: 2000 c 478 art 1 s 12

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Revisor of Statutes