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CHAPTER 103D. Watershed districts

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
103D.001 Citation.
103D.011 Definitions.
103D.101 Board of water and soil resources.
103D.105 Board hearings.
103D.111 Appeal of board orders.
103D.201 Watershed district purposes.
103D.205 Establishment petition.
103D.211 Auditor's certification of petitioners.
103D.215 Director's report.
103D.221 Establishment hearing notice.
103D.225 Establishment hearing.
103D.231 Dismissal of establishment proceedings.
103D.251 Watershed district boundary changes.
103D.255 Withdrawal of territory.
103D.261 Proceedings to enlarge a watershed district.
103D.265 Consolidation of districts.
103D.271 Procedure for termination of watershed district.
103D.301 Distribution of manager positions.
103D.305 Increasing number of managers.
103D.311 Appointment of managers.
103D.315 Managers.
103D.321 Principal place of business
103D.325 Employees.
103D.331 Advisory committee.
103D.335 District and managers' powers.
103D.337 Technical advisory committees.
103D.341 Rules.
103D.345 Permits.
103D.351 Annual report.
103D.355 Annual audit.
103D.401 Watershed management plan.
103D.405 Revised watershed management plan.
103D.411 Amendment of watershed management plan and revised watershed management plan.
103D.501 Construction and administration.
103D.505 Reference to other drainage laws.
103D.511 Certain condemnation provisions do not apply.
103D.515 Preexisting and improved water rights.
103D.521 Rights assured due process of law.
103D.525 Proceedings after faulty notices are given.
103D.531 Continuance of hearings.
103D.535 Appellate procedures and review.
103D.537 Appeals of rules, permit decisions, and orders not involving projects.
103D.539 Informal resolution of disputes.
103D.541 Appeal of court order.
103D.545 Enforcement.
103D.551 Enforcement of rules and orders.
103D.601 Establishment of project by majority of managers.
103D.605 Project constructed with government aid or as part of plan.
103D.611 Construction by government agencies.
103D.615 Emergency projects.
103D.621 Drainage improvements.
103D.625 Drainage systems within watershed district.
103D.631 Maintenance of projects.
103D.635 Repairs and improvements exceeding normal maintenance.
103D.641 Work without bid.
103D.701 Project initiation.
103D.705 Project petition.
103D.711 Engineer's report.
103D.715 Appraisers.
103D.721 Determination of benefits and damages by managers.
103D.725 Benefited property, determination.
103D.729 Water management district.
103D.730 Storm water facilities.
103D.731 Appraisers' report, examination.
103D.735 Hearing on petition and reports.
103D.741 Hearing notice.
103D.745 Final hearing.
103D.801 Procedure when contract is not let.
103D.805 Filing order of managers establishing project.
103D.811 Bids for construction.
103D.815 Control of contracts.
103D.821 Damage to highway or bridge by passage of equipment.
103D.901 Assessments, levies.
103D.905 Funds of watershed district.
103D.911 Budget.
103D.915 Tax levy.
103D.921 District court to create preliminary fund.
103D.925 Warrants.

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Revisor of Statutes