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97A.065 Dedication of certain receipts.

Subdivision 1. Fish and turtles from rough fish removal. Money received from the sale of fish and turtles taken under rough fish removal operations is continuously available for rough fish removal.

Subd. 2. Fines and forfeited bail. (a) Fines and forfeited bail collected from prosecutions of violations of: the game and fish laws; sections 84.091 to 84.15; sections 84.81 to 84.91; section 169.121, when the violation involved an off-road recreational vehicle as defined in section 169.01, subdivision 86; chapter 348; and any other law relating to wild animals or aquatic vegetation, must be paid to the treasurer of the county where the violation is prosecuted. The county treasurer shall submit one-half of the receipts to the commissioner and credit the balance to the county general revenue fund except as provided in paragraphs (b), (c), and (d). In a county in a judicial district under section 480.181, subdivision 1, paragraph (b), as added in Laws 1999, chapter 216, article 7, section 26, the share that would otherwise go to the county under this paragraph must be submitted to the state treasurer for deposit in the state treasury and credited to the general fund.

(b) The commissioner must reimburse a county, from the game and fish fund, for the cost of keeping prisoners prosecuted for violations under this section if the county board, by resolution, directs: (1) the county treasurer to submit all fines and forfeited bail to the commissioner; and (2) the county auditor to certify and submit monthly itemized statements to the commissioner.

(c) The county treasurer shall submit one-half of the receipts collected under paragraph (a) from prosecutions of violations of sections 84.81 to 84.91, and 169.121, except receipts that are surcharges imposed under section 357.021, subdivision 6, to the state treasurer and credit the balance to the county general fund. The state treasurer shall credit these receipts to the snowmobile trails and enforcement account in the natural resources fund.

(d) The county treasurer shall indicate the amount of the receipts that are surcharges imposed under section 357.021, subdivision 6, and shall submit all of those receipts to the state treasurer.

Subd. 3. Repealed, 1994 c 561 s 28

Subd. 4. Repealed, 1987 c 149 art 1 s 54

Subd. 5. Restitution for wild animals. Money collected from restitution under section 97A.341 for wild animals killed, injured, or possessed in violation of the game and fish laws must be used by the commissioner for replacement, propagation, or protection of wild animals.

HIST: 1986 c 386 art 1 s 12; 1986 c 429 s 1; 1987 c 149 art 1 s 8; 1987 c 384 art 1 s 5; 1987 c 404 s 118; 1989 c 19 s 2; 1989 c 298 s 1; 1993 c 184 s 6; 1996 c 410 s 58; 1Sp1997 c 2 s 7; 1998 c 367 art 8 s 1; 1999 c 243 art 11 s 1

* NOTE: The amendment to subdivision 2 by Laws 1999, chapter *243, article 11, section 1, is effective July 1, 2000, with *respect to counties in the fifth, seventh, and ninth judicial *districts. Laws 1999, chapter 243, article 11, section 13.