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84D.05 Prohibited exotic species.

Subdivision 1. Prohibited activities. A person may not possess, import, purchase, sell, propagate, transport, or introduce a prohibited exotic species, except:

(1) under a permit issued by the commissioner under section 84D.11;

(2) in the case of purple loosestrife, as provided by sections 18.75 to 18.88;

(3) under a restricted species permit issued under section 17.457;

(4) when being transported to the department, or another destination as the commissioner may direct, in a sealed container for purposes of identifying the species or reporting the presence of the species;

(5) when being transported for disposal as part of a harvest or control activity under a permit issued by the commissioner pursuant to section 103G.615, or as specified by the commissioner;

(6) when the specimen has been lawfully acquired dead and, in the case of plant species, all seeds are removed or are otherwise secured in a sealed container;

(7) in the form of herbaria or other preserved specimens;

(8) when being removed from watercraft and equipment, or caught while angling, and immediately returned to the water from which they came; or

(9) as the commissioner may otherwise prescribe by rule.

Subd. 2. Seizure. Under section 97A.221, the commissioner may seize or dispose of all specimens of prohibited exotic species unlawfully possessed, imported, purchased, sold, propagated, transported, or introduced in the state.

HIST: 1996 c 385 art 1 s 5

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Revisor of Statutes