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84D.03 Infested waters; restricted activities.

Subdivision 1. Infested waters; restricted activities. (a) The commissioner shall designate a water of the state as an infested water if the commissioner determines that the water contains a harmful exotic species that could spread to other waters if use of the water and related activities are not regulated to prevent this.

(b) When determining which harmful exotic species comprise infested waters, the commissioner shall consider:

(1) the extent of a species distribution within the state;

(2) the likely means of spread for a species; and

(3) whether regulations specific to infested waters containing a specific species will effectively reduce that species' spread.

(c) The presence of common carp and curly-leaf pondweed shall not be the basis for designating a water as infested.

Subd. 2. Repealed, 1999 c 92 s 11

Subd. 3. Bait harvest from infested waters. (a) The taking of wild animals from infested waters for bait or aquatic farm purposes is prohibited, except as provided in paragraph (b).

(b) In waters that are designated as infested waters, except those designated because they contain prohibited exotic species of fish, the taking of wild animals may be permitted for:

(1) commercial taking of wild animals for bait and aquatic farm purposes according to a permit issued under section 84D.11, subject to rules adopted by the commissioner; and

(2) bait purposes for noncommercial personal use in waters that contain Eurasian water milfoil.

HIST: 1996 c 385 art 1 s 3; 1999 c 92 s 4,5

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Revisor of Statutes