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CHAPTER 79A. Workers' compensation self-insurance

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
79A.01 Definitions.
79A.02 Self-insurers' advisory committee.
79A.03 Self-insurance applications.
79A.04 Private self-insuring employer; annual renewal or deposit of new security for payment of compensation.
79A.05 Revocation of certificate to self-insure.
79A.06 Third-party administrator.
79A.07 Preferred subrogation rights of self-insurers' security fund or surety.
79A.071 Custodial accounts.
79A.08 Legislative intent.
79A.09 Security fund.
79A.10 Assumption of workers' compensation obligations of insolvent self-insurer.
79A.11 Reimbursement for obligations paid and assumed.
79A.12 Maintenance of assets or line of credit to continue payment of compensation obligations.
79A.13 Audit; annual report.
79A.14 Letter of credit form.
79A.15 Surety bond form.
79A.16 Open meeting; Administrative Procedure Act.
79A.17 Rules.
79A.18 Existing rules.
79A.19 Commercial self-insurance groups; definitions.
79A.20 Eligibility requirements for commercial self-insurance groups.
79A.21 Commercial self-insurance group application.
79A.22 Commercial self-insurance group operating requirements.
79A.23 Commercial self-insurance group reporting requirements.
79A.24 Commercial self-insurance group security deposit.
79A.25 Default of a commercial self-insurance group.
79A.26 Commercial self-insurance group security fund.
79A.27 Indemnity agreement form.
79A.28 Open meeting; Administrative Procedure Act.
79A.29 Rules.
79A.30 Governing law.
79A.31 Commercial self-insurance group security fund membership; withdrawal from self-insurers' security fund.
79A.32 Reporting to Minnesota workers' compensation insurers' association.

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Revisor of Statutes