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626.8465 Part-time officers; limitations.

Subdivision 1. Supervision of powers and duties. No law enforcement agency shall utilize the services of a part-time peace officer unless the part-time peace officer exercises the part-time peace officer's powers and duties under the supervision of a licensed peace officer designated by the chief law enforcement officer. Supervision also may be via radio communications. With the consent of the county sheriff, the designated supervising officer may be a member of the county sheriff's department.

Subd. 2. Part-time peace officer license, restriction. Subject to section 626.8468, subdivision 1, any individual licensed by the board as a part-time peace officer shall be eligible for appointment or employment anywhere in the state as a part-time peace officer but not as a peace officer unless the individual meets board training and licensing requirements then in effect for peace officers.

Subd. 3. Emergency appointment. Upon application of a law enforcement agency the board shall exempt from the provisions of Laws 1979, Chapter 282 the number of individuals necessary to secure and maintain the public safety in the case of an emergency arising from a natural disaster, civil disorder, fire, explosion, or similar catastrophic event; provided that no exemption shall be valid for a period exceeding 30 days. In the event the emergency requires an exemption immediately, the director or in case of the director's absence, the chief law enforcement officer of the municipality or township, or the sheriff of the county in which the emergency has arisen, shall grant an exemption which shall be valid only until the board has met and approved or rejected the application, but in no event shall an exemption granted by the director, the chief law enforcement officer of the municipality or township, or a county sheriff, be valid for a period exceeding seven days.

HIST: 1979 c 282 s 8; 1981 c 310 s 11,12; 1986 c 444; 1992 c 571 art 15 s 15; 1999 c 216 art 5 s 11

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