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CHAPTER 515A. Uniform condominium act

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
515A.1-101 Short title.
515A.1-102 Applicability.
515A.1-103 Definitions.
515A.1-104 Variation by agreement.
515A.1-105 Property taxation.
515A.1-106 Applicability of local ordinances, regulations, and building codes.
515A.1-107 Eminent domain.
515A.1-108 Supplemental general principles of law applicable.
515A.1-109 Construction against implicit repeal.
515A.1-110 Uniformity of application and construction.
515A.1-111 Severability.
515A.1-112 Unconscionable agreement or term of contract.
515A.1-113 Obligation of good faith.
515A.1-114 Remedies to be liberally administered.
515A.1-115 Notice.
515A.1-116 Effective date.
515A.2-101 Creation of condominium.
515A.2-102 Unit boundaries.
515A.2-103 Construction and validity of declaration and bylaws.
515A.2-104 Description of units.
515A.2-105 Contents of declaration; all condominiums.
515A.2-106 Contents of declaration; flexible condominiums.
515A.2-107 Leasehold condominiums.
515A.2-108 Allocation of common element interests, votes, and common expense liabilities.
515A.2-109 Common elements and limited common elements.
515A.2-110 Condominium plats.
515A.2-111 Expansion of flexible condominiums.
515A.2-113 Alterations of units.
515A.2-114 Relocation of boundaries between adjoining units.
515A.2-115 Subdivision or conversion of units.
515A.2-116 Minor variation in boundaries.
515A.2-117 Use for sales purposes.
515A.2-118 Easement to facilitate completion, conversion, and expansion.
515A.2-119 Amendment of declaration.
515A.2-120 Termination of condominium.
515A.2-121 Rights of holders of an interest as security for an obligation.
515A.3-101 Organization of unit owners association.
515A.3-102 Powers of unit owners association.
515A.3-103 Board of directors, members and officers.
515A.3-104 Transfer of special declarant rights.
515A.3-105 Termination of contracts and leases of declarant.
515A.3-106 Bylaws.
515A.3-107 Upkeep of the condominium.
515A.3-111 Tort and contract liability.
515A.3-112 Insurance.
515A.3-113 Surplus funds.
515A.3-114 Assessments for common expenses.
515A.3-115 Lien for assessments.
515A.3-116 Association records.
515A.3-117 Association as trustee.
515A.4-101 Applicability; waiver.
515A.4-102 Disclosure statement; general provisions.
515A.4-104 Same; conversion condominiums.
515A.4-106 Purchaser's right to cancel.
515A.4-107 Resales of units.
515A.4-1075 Purchaser's right to cancel.
515A.4-108 Escrow of deposits.
515A.4-109 Release of interests as security for an obligation.
515A.4-110 Conversion condominiums.
515A.4-111 Express warranties.
515A.4-112 Implied warranties.
515A.4-113 Exclusion or modification of implied warranties.
515A.4-114 Statute of limitations for warranties.
515A.4-115 Effect of violations on rights of action; attorney's fees.
515A.4-116 Labeling of promotional material.
515A.4-117 Declarant's obligation to complete and restore.
515A.4-118 References.

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Revisor of Statutes