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353.651 Retirement annuity upon separation from public service.

Subdivision 1. Age and allowable service requirements. Upon separation from public service, any police officer or firefighter member who has attained the age of at least 55 years and who received credit for not less than three years of allowable service is entitled upon application to a retirement annuity. Such retirement annuity is known as the "normal" retirement annuity.

Subd. 2. Average salary. In calculating the annuity under subdivision 3, "average salary" means an amount equivalent to the average of the highest salary earned as a police officer or firefighter upon which employee contributions were paid for any five successive years of allowable service. Average salary must be based upon all allowable service if this service is less than five years.

The average salary may not include any reduced salary paid during a period in which the employee is entitled to benefit payments from workers' compensation for temporary disability unless the average salary is higher, including this period.

Subd. 3. Retirement annuity formula. The average salary as defined in subdivision 2, multiplied by the percent specified in section 356.19, subdivision 6, per year of allowable service determines the amount of the normal retirement annuity. If the member has earned allowable service for performing services other than those of a police officer or firefighter, the annuity representing such service is computed under sections 353.29 and 353.30.

Subd. 4. Early retirement. Any police officer or firefighter member who has become at least 50 years old and who has at least three years of allowable service is entitled upon application to a retirement annuity equal to the normal annuity calculated under subdivision 3, reduced by one-tenth of one percent for each month that the member is under age 55 at the time of retirement.

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